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The foundation of our being in the sub-continent was celebrated at Lahore on 28th October 1997.

It is here that God’s merciful plan began to unfold. The story of the hard labor of our valiant pioneers is not only written on the pages of history but above all they are engraved on the tablets of our hearts.

We commemorated with great joy and enthusiasm the mission that had taken root in the soil of the Punjab.



We remember with gratitude the hard work of our valiant pioneers who had carried the banner of LOVE along the rough untrodden paths of the Asian Sub-Continent. It is our joy that we have been called to keep the flam alight which had been lit by our pioneer sisters.


The journey of a hundred years has seen many wonders and adventures as they lifted the darkness of ignorance, poverty, sickness, injustice and deprivation of all sorts.

(To know the history of SCJM in Pakistan, read the magazine ‘Footprints on an Eastern Soil’).


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